Where We Serve


Ed and Denise Aulie are working primarily with indigenous peoples of Mexico – specifically the Nahuatl of Veracruz
and the Ch’ol of Chiapas.   They encourage Mexican churches in the areas of Biblical leadership and healthy godly church and family life interaction.  They use practical projects relating to literacy, agriculture, building etc. to have a Word-Deed ministry.  Sharing the Word of God in real life context is the key aspect of this ministry.

Denise speaks on educational and literacy topics in the public arena to develop awareness of these needs that affect both rural and urban spheres.  An important outreach for Ed and Denise is speaking  in congregations throughout Mexico and overseas giving studies of God’s Word especially in relation to Missions and Family issues.

Over the years they have had the privilege of mentoring different youth in missions and these youth are serving now in many countries which include France, Germany, Italy, Canada, China, India, England, Morocco, the US, Korea, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and Iraq.  They continue in contact with these devoted Christians  and thank the Lord that they are serving Him in the places to where they have been called – albeit far from the villages of Mexico.