Pray for

1. The comfort of the Maldonado family and the working of God in each member´s life after the violent murder of Chucho, a young man in the family, who had given his life to the Lord only recently.

2. The small homeschooling (10 families in the church) who are facing the complete absence of any other way of  effective learning apart from the efforts the mother´s have made.  We are using an excellent curriculum and so far the children are truly thriving and not being left behind in any way.

3. The continued discipleship of key leaders and future leaders in the church.  By name: Lito, Victor, Tollan and Uriel. Pray for hunger and maturity.  They are great young men.

4. For us to be able to finish a little house in one of the villages for Ed and Denise.  We have only the walls up in the last year.  We would love to get a roof on it at least. This will be a strategic place to be hospitable and minister out of, in addition to being able to avoid the now dangerous trek back and forth to where we live currently. 


Thank you,

Ed and Denise