Spring 2022

Pray for


  1. For Ed as he continues to disciple and build into the lives of faithful men in each village where mission churches are being established.
  2. The stability and healing of the young girl Irene (see newsletter) plus the adoption process for the baby to go smoothly.The encouragement and growth of three young people of the rural congregation in Texhuacan who have gone to a real hands-on Bible school in Tampico. 
  3.  The continued blessing on Denise´s teaching of women – on May 18th she speaks again to women in the city of Puebla.  Last month it was also via zoom as well as in person in the PAZ church in the city of Puebla.  May God bless her preparation
  4.  For us to be able to finish a little house in one of the villages for Ed and Denise.  We have only the walls up in the last year.  We have a roof.  Wisdom for windows, kitchen etc.  This will be a strategic place to be hospitable and minister out of, in addition to being able to avoid the now dangerous trek back and forth to where we live currently. 

Thank you,

Ed and Denise