Autumn 2022

Pray for


  1. For Ed as he focuses in on two key men we work with in church planting.  They meet weekly pray, look at the Scriptures and tackle church joys and areas needing growth. 
  2. We are so happy to report that Irene, the young girl of the last letter is doing excellent at a Christian ministry for at risk youth.  She is beaming every visit. 
  3. Advancement before Christmas on our home in the village of Cubaniquilco.  
  4. Encouragement and advancement as Denise hones in on her Nahuatl studies – she is taking a course for our area (Nahuatl Centro) and it has been excellent – although lots of work. Things are falling linguistically into place and many people are so happy about it in the villages.
  5. Christ-centered preaching to continue with us as we teach and with those whom we disciple.
  6. Wisdom to counsel so many with deep needs and hurting hearts in these villages.  

Thank you,

Ed and Denise