Pray for

1. The flourishing youth group and their leaders Tollan and Remedios who, with their two little children, have opened their home and been faithful in this area of pastoring teens.  This is a real encouragement.

2. The distribution of corn to widows and needy single mothers of the villages

3. Wisdom for Denise to learn well an Oral Bible Method of teaching – Simply The Story.  It has so far been wonderfully received wherever she has used it in home visits.

4. Continued protection and guidance as we minister to those with Covid.  We have been very healthy and able to work and visit.

5. The growth in the Word and the using of their unique gifts for Lito, Tollan and Victor.

5. For us to be able to finish a little house in one of the villages for Ed and Denise.  We have only the walls up in the last year.  We have a roof.  Wisdom for windows, kitchen etc.  This will be a strategic place to be hospitable and minister out of, in addition to being able to avoid the now dangerous trek back and forth to where we live currently. 


Thank you,

Ed and Denise