We are excited to join the Lord in His Kingdom work and harvest in Mexico. He has opened the door for us through the Ch’ol people of Chiapas and the Nahuatl people of Veracruz and numerous urban churches through out the country.

We partner in Spirit led mission with churches and other Christian organizations to make disciples of the people by teaching them to obey Christ’s commands in word and deed, to love God above all and to love one’s neighbor as one’s self, and teach these disciples to teach and model the same gospel to others.

We go into mountain villages where there is no gospel witness with the purpose of establishing the church. We serve as teachers, encouragers and catalysts for a movement of integral mission in Mexico by discipling indigenous Christ-centered leaders. These leaders, in turn, disciple their own people, and they network into communities of learning, service and collaboration for the transformation of all sectors of society.

We do Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in centers where the people live and work. A man learns best when he continues in the context of every day life, not divorced from his family, work or community; rather worshipping, studying, working in the fields or driving a truck, he learns to bear all manner of hardship. Weeping with his own people when they weep and rejoicing with his own people when they rejoice he trains for the ministry and does ministry. This is the making of a co-laborer and fellow servant of the Gospel.  Living with his people he is enabled to immediately apply theological education to the every day experiences of life and so demonstrate true learning and mastery as a hearer and doer of the Word, living the truth as a servant and doing justice and mercy. We help to prepare students for the Gospel ministry and pastors wanting continued education. Over the years scores of students have gone on to evangelize and pastor their own people.