Last Frontiers puts out a quarterly newsletter to share about what the Lord is doing in this ministry.  Thank you for taking the time and interest to prayerfully read of God’s workings here.

Winter 2022


January 2022

On Christmas Day, we went to visit several widows – some so destitute that their supply of corn had completely run out. 

As God would have it, we planted and harvested by hand 2 tons of corn to give to those most in need. We only required that each bring a sack to put the corn in.

One of the widows looked at us in disbelief. She raised her hands and pointed to heaven. “How I thank God for this!” she said. “I was at the point of needing to buy corn, and with what could I do that?” She broke down in tears.

Another told us, “I was so discouraged. I went into my room, shut the door and knelt on the ground. I told the Lord, ‘I won’t ask You for much, but I have one need, Lord. I have one great need.’ And look! He heard and answered this very day!”

This verse becomes real, “Open thy mouth and I will fill it.”

Psalm 81:10

View when the corn is received
Video above of a widow receiving her corn
Why does the Bible talk about widows and orphans so much? It is not only because they have to depend completely on Him for their deepest needs, but it is also that God wants to use His people to meet those needs and forges ties of kindness, love and provision for them, in Christ’s name.
We not only visited widows but other women who were alone with profound inner needs.

As we came to Aurora’s (not her real name) cabin, we saw her round the corner, a tumpline on her head and firewood on her back. She leaned back and dropped her load squarely on the ground as the perspiration drenched her face and back. It was the perfect time to speak with her. No one else was there other than her young half-brother.  

Aurora has a tragic past – at only 23 years of age. When she was 14 her wicked step-father raped her. She didn’t even know what was happening. Months later she gave birth to a baby in the cornfield.  

Overwhelmed by fear, anger and shame, Aurora walked into the hut of the family’s kitchen with the baby hid behind her back. Suddenly she revealed the baby and angrily threw the newborn down on the dirt floor in disgust. Her bitter hatred of the step-father’s repeated abuse was shown in one terrifying outburst.

Aurora’s sisters saw the infant was still alive, took her to a hospital but the baby did not survive. From that point, Aurora became dead inside too.

On this Christmas Day, we knew God was at work when we found Aurora home alone. We wish you could have seen her there in a single wood cabin with dirt floor. She received not only our fresh corn but also our words of acceptance. We spoke of assurances, not judgement, of being worthy and loved by God the Father. We shared the truth that God would never, ever defraud her.

She looked down the whole time we spoke with her, fiddling nervously with a paper in her hand. We prayed for her and as we went to leave, she looked up with tears and hugged each of us so tightly that we thought she was not going to let us go. Yes, the Word will not return void even when it appears that the person we speak to is cut off. The Lord, in this new year and every year continues to reach for the lost. 

Thank you for praying, supporting and believing,

Ed and Denise