Spring 2018

  • We praise the Lord for the encouragement that the women on our team are receiving in their home lives!  God is answering prayers and providing safety, love and support for them.
  • We have seen a burst of growth in Lito, one of our main co-workers in Texhuacan.  After going to an expository preaching seminar, he latched on even tighter to the Word and it has shown in his teaching to the church.
  • Please pray for Karen Tepole from the village of Texhuacan as she begins Bible school in Monterrey.
  • Pray for our ability to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to comfort the hurting.  There have been numerous deaths in the communities where we work and we have been there to help in word and deed.  These are ongoing opportunities to connect and console that mean so much to the people.
  • We asked for continued pray for where Ed and Denise should locate in the village – a small cabin of our own to have hospitality and access to the villages we serve.  We have stayed in people’s homes and the clinic for years but it is time to have a permanent village home again, as God wills.  We are unsure where and need God to lead us. 
  • Both Ed and Denise are called upon to teach and speak often.  We ask for direction from the Lord as to what to accept and the specific preparations.  Denise, in particular, has felt increasing spiritual warfare as she prepares her teachings.  It happens when she is alone preparing.  Yet, when she is up teaching it all goes away and God moves!  Please pray for us to have on the armor of God always. Ephesians 6:10-18

Winter 2017

  • We will be taking young people for a week long camping trip away from the village.  This will be a time of Bible Study, fellowship and praise.  There is a new crop of young families in the church and we ask the Lord for them to become strong in Him to lead others and to bless their community by their love for Christ.
  • Denise as she teaches young mothers in the village and in the city
  • Please pray for the correct resources for learning Mexican Sign language for the continued needs of many people that have had no exposure to this great tool of communication.  Our own team as well as many who can not speak or hear in the mountains will benefit from this.
  • A  young Mexican man named Victor has joined us and he is fantastic.  His hard work, humor and way with people plus love for the Word and for the lost is a tremendous boost and encouragement to all of us.
  • For the return of Eladio to the Lord – a man so used of God in the past but torn by temptation in the present.
  • For advance in discipling key men and women in the mountains.
  • We are asking the Lord for his man to pastor full time in the church of Texhuacan.
  • For a piece of land which we can purchase or lease in the mountains to build a small cabin, where there would be water available and a good dose of sunshine if possible even though it rains so much.
  • Continued impact from Denise’s photography in her exhibit “¿Quién es mi prójimo?¨ (Who is my neighbor?)
  • For wisdom for each of our children as they make many important decisions.