Fall 2019

Praise the Lord for 18 baptisms last weekend on the eve of Mexican Independence Day.  

We took a week long course on building bio water filter/purification tanks from Friendly Water.  This is already giving us new opportunities to meet new people and share the Gospel again and again as we return to the homes and test the quality of water, to say nothing of being a savings as they do not have to go buying bottled water to drink. 

Pray for families and church leaders to help their people navigate with Social Media.  It is bringing huge temptations and family upheaval to young people and parents all of which have their own cell phones.  Even if their is no signal in their villages – they walk, hike or take a bus to where there is a signal.  

Denise’s sister Diane Obbema wrote the book Protecting Innocence (now in Spanish).  She is retried from the Jefferson County, Colorado police force where she was a detective in the area of Crimes against Children.  She has helped us giving talks in two states and on television on sexual abuse.  The people from villages to the city have been so impacted because “this is not talked about in Mexico”.  They have come, learned and re-taught these principles.  We are very grateful and look forward to another visit in 2020.

We are rejoicing that Abelardo, whom we wrote about this last year – has been thriving in rehab.  We visited him last week.  He was working, learning the Word, becoming increasingly restored – a new man grateful for the second chance God gave him.